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Signpost Six is a behavioral intelligence provider and a psychological assessment company. We gather, assess, identify, analyze, and implement behavioral intelligence that helps organizations and individuals to deal with the opportunities and threats related to increasing information interconnectedness: both online and offline we are all more linked and more traceable than ever.

We help organizations and individuals to optimize the outcome of information-rich high-stake interpersonal interactions. We help to identify and understand human intentions, motivations and desires to optimize the outcome of human interactions. Who am I dealing with? What are their aims? How should I interpret their actions? Do I understand them? Can we help each other?

Signpost Six wants to make the world a safer place by smoothening the online and offline interactions between organizations and individuals. No biases, no prejudices, no misunderstandings, no false aims and false intentions. Communication based on objective information and evidence-based preferences, values and opinions to optimize organizations’ results and interests.


  • Strategy consulting

    Strategy consulting

    We advise organizations and individuals on behavioral intelligence issues. We consult our clients on how to develop the skills and methodologies needed to increase the collection, assessment, identification, analysis and implementation of behavioral intelligence.

  • Security Scans

    Security scans

    We help organizations and individuals to assess both online security threats (e.g. cybercrime) and offline security threats (e.g., sabotage, terrorism, criminality) on macro level (country, region), meso level (office building, retail site, factory), micro level (VIP protection, stalking, identity theft, fraud, workplace violence, kidnapping).

  • Human Development

    Human development

    We develop teaching materials and programs designed to increase people’s security scanning skills, interpersonal communication skills, negotiation skills, and conflict management skills. In our human development methodologies we always choose for learning-by-doing and personalized, tailor-made exercises and simulations.

  • Knowledge dissemination

    Knowledge dissemination

    Signpost Six aims to be a center where people can find all relevant information for what we think is important for the collection assessment, identification, analysis and implementation of behavioral analysis for all kinds of information-rich, high-state interpersonal communication situations.